Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

Use of Laser Therapy in dentistry is still a subject under scrutiny on how effective it is towards the patients and its implication after the treatment. The use of Laser therapy was started in the 90’s and although it is not a very widespread practice, many clinics have adopted it though it requires a high level of professionalism.

How Laser Therapy Works In Dentistry

It is an instrument that produces a very strong beam of light energy and narrow. It is used to direct the light on a specific area, which causes a reaction the moment there is a contact with a tissue. That light can help remove or shape a tissue depending on a dentists plan towards it. Use of Laser Therapy has helped treat various conditions successfully in combination with other dentistry tools.

Is it a Safe Practice For You?

Laser Therapy is safe is the procedure to be taken is done by a keen and experienced professional. It also requires you as a patient to apply caution during the procedure in order to protect yourself from being exposed to the light. There are some conditions that require one to wear protective glasses to stay away from that Laser light.

What Is The Work Of Laser In Dentistry

Laser Therapy in dentistry plays a major role in combatting dental conditions that require undergoing certain procedures in order to find a treatment solution. Some of the common usages are:

  • Laser Therapy helps to remove gum and bone tissues when the procedure of crown enlargement is in the process.
  • It helps to treat root canals when there is an infection
  • When there is gum impression, it helps to manage gum tissue
  • The canker and cold sores discomfort are reduced through Laser Therapy procedure
  • Certain medications may cause some tissues to overgrow and Laser Therapy helps to cure the condition successfully.
  • During the tooth whitening procedure, Laser therapy assists in speeding up the process.
  • It helps to partially expose wisdom teeth that have erupted.

Benefits Associated With Use of Laser Therapy in Dentistry

Laser therapy is able to speed up the healing process and also lower symptoms where traditional one cannot. Any procedure a patient is undergoing is precise and helps bring a feeling of relaxation during the process with no discomfort. Also, through the use of Laser Therapy, some instances dentists don’t require to use the drill or administering an anesthetic.

How To Know if Laser Is For Me

During the consultation period, it is advisable when the dentists mentions the processes you are going to be taken through, you exhaust all the queries until you are satisfied. That is to help you eliminate all the doubts you may have, though all our dental practitioners are professionally trained and thoroughly equipped before they are allowed in any of our clinics. Even that, before you are given the dentist to take you through, it is verified that only professionals are handling patients cases.

Also, we take into consideration about your health aspect, and when it comes to Laser Therapy, we use it minimally on cases that are categorized as a must to undergo the procedure.